Wembdon April 2009

4th April 2009
Sowing Time at the Associationís Mangold Patch

These pictures show Mangold Hurling Association committee members sowing this yearís mangold seeds. We have attempted to recreate some of the fertility rites and symbols that were used in days gone by.

Unfortunately we forgot to take a camera, but all was not lost because we were equipped with the latest portable telephones with built-in cameras. Consequently the resulting images are voice quality only. The Association apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Mangold Patch 2009

Above: This year the Mangold Hurling Associationís patch is larger than in the past, extending to some 160 (one hundred and sixteen) acres (hectares).

Right: Traditional fertility symbols. This committee member is wearing the Hat of Fecundity. It is hard to see where the hat ends and the tree begins in this picture, so there is another picture below to provide some clarity. 

He is also holding a fertility stick. This stick is placed at the end of the row of mangolds to ward off evil spirits and rabbits. The dangly bits rattle in the wind, and the rabbits do not like this one bit. 
The Mangold Hurling Association would like to hear from any older readers who can remember what this stick is called. 

Steve enjoying his birthday
The Hat of Fecundity (rear view)

Left: Rear view of the Hat of Fecundity, this time with no trees to cause confusion.


Right: Sowing is back-breaking work.  The everyday object on the left gives an idea of scale.

Beer and Hat in Field

Still Life.