Man with a stick
How to Do It Proper
Orchard Park 2009
Wembdon April 2009
Mangold Hurling in Ohio, USA
Orchard Park 2008
News from the patch
Orchard Park 2007
News from the patch
Digging for victory
Wembdon, home of mangold hurling

Mangold Hurling Past and Present

A feast of mangold hurling images.

How To Hurl

An illustrated guide, with tips on what - and what not - to do.

Orchard Park 2009

Halloween hurling featuring Punkies and grotesquely malformed mangolds.

Wembdon April 2009

Sowing time at the Mangold Hurling Associationís mangold patch.

Mangold Hurling in the USA

A hurling contest in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Orchard Park 2008

Remarkable images from Dorset.

Wembdon October 2007

All the latest goings-on in the Wembdon area.

Orchard Park 2007

Pictures from the grand Mangold Wurzel celebrations held at the Orchard Park Garden Centre in Gillingham, Dorset, on 27th October 2007.

Wembdon June 2007

More news and pictures from the mangold patch..

Wembdon May 2007

We chart the progress of the Mangold Hurling Associationís official mangold patch (location: TOP SECRET).

Wembdon October 2006

Highlights of the 2006 mangold hurling activities in Wembdon, Somerset.