Frequently Asked Questions

"Is Mangold Hurling dangerous?"

Yes, it is quite dangerous. For instance, you might get hit on the head by a large mangold and this could kill you. There is also a risk of toppling forward in the pitching basket when making your throw. This could result in a facial injury such as a bleeding nose or a fat lip.


"Is there any cost involved?"
A good quality mangold could cost up to 15 Pence (3 Shillings).  Membership of the Association is 5 Guineas per annum, subject to approval by the Committee. Keen hurlers may also wish to purchase some stout boots and a waterproof hat.


"Can women be Mangold Hurlers?"
No, but they are allowed to watch provided they refrain from hysterical behaviour.


"How about children?"
No, women canít be children either.





A person

This woman is attempting to hurl, but she is incapable.



"Can I practise with a beetroot or sugar beet instead of a mangold?"
Yes, but the aerodynamic qualities will be slightly different.


"Can I use a turnip for practising?"
Certainly not! The turnip is not even related to the mangold.


"What if the top breaks off my mangold?"
The leafy top of the mangold is the only part the hurler is allowed to grip when making a throw. If the top breaks off the mangold it is no longer valid for competition purposes. See Rules for further details.